Sunday, June 8, 2008

The First Post

So, ello... its just me. Figured this might be a productive way to do some processing and reflection instead of my recently acquired habit of self imposed distraction. Convictions become stronger when I read them. Moving my fingers to articulate things I'm hoping will provide another buffer of reasoning behind what I say, who I am now and who I will be.

Future Topics:

  • 1. Evolution vs. Creationism, yeah, I'm going there, and it might get messy.

  • 2.Politics

  • 3.The jobby-job situation

  • 4. Random cool stuff and people (I wanna have Dan Savage's babies).

  • 5. The personal revolution. Are we, am I, capable of positive change based on one pinpointed moment of inspiration? I think I need the clarity part too....

  • 6. ART

  • 7.Business and rogue capitalism (aka assholery)

  • 8. The role of emotions and logic

And yeah, this isn't a newspaper, so I will be speaking my mind and sharing some art with you. WELCOME!